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The latest communications transmitted by the Client Support & Operations Desk are available in the table below.

18/12/2018 Migration e-file V1 to V2 Administration module
09/10/2018 Migration of the administration section
06/09/2018 Email alerting Face-lifting
14/02/2018 AnaCredit
13/02/2018 Message for all our users still using e-file v1
15/01/2018 Migration e-file v1 => e-file v2
22/01/2018 Security enhancement (TLS)
12/12/2017 EMIR reporting naming convention
05/12/2017 AMfine - AIFM indexation enhancement
05/12/2017 MiFID II / MiFIR
22/11/2017 Update of Test-Environment (homologation/UAT)
20/11/2017 New user profile management
26/06/2017 Maintenance at the CSSF – channel reopened
13/06/2017 Maintenance at the CSSF – channel unavailable
05/05/2017 Sending Service Installer - New tool to manage your Sending Service
03/05/2017 Official launch of CRS reporting
11/04/2017 Onboarding FATCA CRS - Update configuration and universe of RFI
11/04/2017 Sending Service update
08/02/2017 ACD published CRS circular
02/01/2017 Update of the FATCA Environment at ACD