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Fundsquare provides you with several applications described below
These tools form the solution called E-File Light.

This page will be frequently updated in order to show you the list of the most frequently encountered errors

We do advise you to consul our help section related to this subject.

Subscription to our services

For more information about this, or to complement your features, the ClientService is at your reachable by phone or e-mail, do not hesitate to contact.

The different modules

Notification Tool


The Notification Tool is used to create notification package to be sent to the CSSF.

After choosing your funds, you go to the second step of the application that allows you to select the countries to which the packages will be sent and the shares you want to notify

The third step is the management of documents. By uploading files from your file system or from the Fundsquare Library, you will be able to fill your packages with the documents required by the CSSF.


The last step of a notification consists in completing and signing the notification letter via the fourth tab "Notification Letter and transmission".

Notif Etape4.JPG

The online help section is available for more information.

Registration and Distribution Matrix


This application allows you to set status to your share-classes in order to share some information with other professionals of the Fund industry.

There are two distinct workflows:


The registration workflow : Has my fund been registered with the European authorities? Is it being registered?
The distribution workflow : Is my fund being distributed? In which countries?

The GUI allows you to set your status to the share-classes and to validate the changes. Available status are :

The online help section is available for more information.



The "Dashboard" module allows you to access various reports to facilitate your daily work on the platform e-file.

Several reports are available such as :

  • a state of all the information of your funds held by the CSSF and Fundsquare
  • a report listing of the documents you have sent to Fundsquare
  • a detailed view of the KIID of your funds


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The generation of some reports may take several minutes.

The online help section is available for more information.

Document Management


Document Management allows you to consult the list of documents stored in your Fundsquare library.

Document Management


You can then create packages of documents to be sent to foreign authorities by moving them in the Transmission basket.
For the packages to be transmitted to the CSSF you must then send them securely with the Sending Service (either automatically or by dropping the .zip file manually in the proper directory).
Moreover should you want to display a document on the Fundsquare portal, you just have to move it into the Publication basket.

Consolidated View

It is possible to drop documents to the "Transmission" basket, or even send them directly to the authorities in a faster way through the tab Consolidated View.
This tab disclose the list of your funds and works the same way as the Fundsquare Suggestions. It lists the documents that can be submitted to the authorities.

Cells in the table shows you the number of suggested documents (/) and the number of documents already dropped in the basket. You can perform the following actions :

 1.	Select all documents for one fund and one country
 2.	Select all documents for a fund
 3.	Select all documents for a country
 4.	Select all documents for all countries and for all funds.

Once documents are selected, you can :

 - Prepare the selected documents : all selected documents are dropped in the "Tranmission to Authorities" basket
 - Ask for transmission : all documents already dropped in the basket are sent
 - Prepare and ask for transmission : all the documents suggested and prepared are sent

Documents with Indexation Errors

This tab of the Document Management allows you to correct the Indexation Errors.
By simply selecting one or more documents from the list, you can delete them or correct their indexation:
GestDoc3 EN.JPG

Report Generation


The tool "Report Generation" will allow you to generate XML files to send to the BCL for the following reporting:

  • Security by security for the Issuing Companies in relation to the circular 2011/8 - TPTIBS
  • Security by security Securitisation Vehicules - TPTTBS
  • Security by security for banks - TPTBBS

The first tab defines the Header of your report. You can enter the following data:

  • End month date
  • Closing date
  • Currency
  • Reporter type
  • Reporter code
  • Declarant type
  • Declarant code

GestRapport Tab1.JPG

The second tab will allow you to add information for Assets :
GestRapport Tab2.JPG

The last on is used to add data fot Liabilities :
GestRapport Tab3.JPG

At any time it is possible for you to generate your report in XLS or XML format.
XML files may be sent to the BCL via E-File. or via the Sending Service..

Dissemination setup


The initial configuration of a dissemination "contract" is performed by the ClientService. Once the contract has been set up, this web interface allows you to change the list of recipients, the dissemination samples, to request the creation of new subscriptions.

Your dissemination contract list appears when the application is launched :


Click the MatSouscription Edit.PNG button to obtain the configuration detail:


For a given contract it is possible to show all funds or select by promotor / fund / sub-fund / share-class. The different distribution subscriptions that make up this distribution contract are presented in column.

For each row in the table, the screen shows whether the instrument belongs or not to the subscription. The different appearances of the box represent the different selection modes: MatSouscriptionLegend.JPG

The 'Global' tag, shows the configuration on fund level, click the MatSouscription Detail.jpg button to enter on sub-fund, share class level.
The count of selected shares is indicated in column header.

MatSouscription Count.jpg The first number indicates the share count in the sample before modification, the second the share count after change.

Remark : Creating a new subscription is not allowed through this interface. The MatSouscription New.jpg button allows you to request the creation of a new subscription. Information needed to create the subscription can be entered in the new window.

800px left
These data are sent by mail to SDI who will configure the new subscription. Once created, the subscription becomes available in the web interface. You are then able to amend the sample and the mailing list.

The details of the distribution (file type, transmission mode, frequency) and the list of recipients can be obtained by clicking the buttonMatSouscription Glass.jpg

MatSouscription DissDetails.jpg

This screen allows you to add and remove addresses for mail recipients.

How to send documents to Fundsquare ?

  • Fundsquare is able to configure an FTP account (or sFTP) where you can upload your documents. Do not hesitate to contact us . to obtain yout connection parameters. Depending on requirements, this account may have different subdirectories depending on the type of shipment:
    • Lib : to upload the Fundsquare library,
    • Regmat : to send us registration/distribution matrices
  • Files submitted must comply with the Fundsquare naming convention :

Nomenclature Finesti.jpg

Start End Remark
1 6 Document type
8 17 Document reference date
19 20 Document ISO2 language code
22 23 Document country ISO code if specific country (example : CH)
25 35 Document publication date
36 n Free field with fund code or name
Particular case for Factsheets and KIIDs that require indexing on share class level :
36 48 ISIN Code
48 n Free field with fund code or name

Possible document types
KIIUNP Unprotected Kiid
KIIUNP Protected Kiid
CPROSP Full Prospectus
SPROSP Simplified Prospectus
ADDPRO Addendum
SUPPRO Prospectus Supplement
ANNREP Annual Report
SEMREP Bi-annual Report
FACTSHT Factsheet
MANREG Management regulation
ARTINC Article of incorporation
NOTLET Notification letter
ATTREG CSSF Attestation
PAYMCF Confirmation of payment
MKPROV Marketing provision
PAYAGA Paying agent agreement
GTCDOC General Terms and Confiitions of sale
POADOC Power of Attorney
DSCERT Self Certification declaration
TRCERT Translation Certification
UPDDES Update Description

Field separator is "-"

Examples :

Document type File name
KIID KIIDOC-2011-02-01-EN-00-2011-02-01-IE0123456789-xxxxxxxxxxn.pdf
Prospectus CPROSP-2010-09-01-FR-00-2011-02-01-xxxxxxxxxxn.pdf
Addendum ADDPRO-2010-09-01-FR-00-2011-02-01-xxxxxxxxxxn.pdf
Annual Report ANNREP-2010-09-01-FR-00-2011-02-01-xxxxxxxxxxn.pdf
Factsheet FACSHT-2011-02-01-EN-00-2011-02-01-IE0123456789-xxxxxxxxxxn.pdf

At the same deposit files, documents must be grouped in a single zip file, named as:
Nomenclature Finesti Package.jpg

  • KIIDOC : type of document (KIIDOC,
  • 20110405091420 : timestamp
  • DIS : processus type
    • DIS = distribution
    • REG = registration
    • NOT = notification
    • UPD = mise à jour
    • LIB = private librairy
  • xxxxxxxxxxn : customer reference
  • xxxxxxxxxxn : fund reference

When the package has been processed, an acknowledgment file "Suivi.xls" can be sent automatically: Suivi.jpg

What additionnal information to send to Fundsquare ?

To be able to publish / disseminate documents correctly, including Kiids, Fundsquare need to have a number of matrices :

  • Registration and distribution matrices: in wich country is this share registrated/distributed ? For the initial load, the SDI cis able to provide a registration / distribution matrix in Excel format. It is also possible to provide this information via a CSV file, feel free to contact the SDI to obtain the structure of this file.

Maintenance of the registration/distribution matrix can be performed online through the web. provided by Fundsquare. Regular update of these status is essential to ensure proper operation of the entire application.

  • Country / Language matrix : what are the languages ​​accepted by country ? To transmitt packages to foreign authorities, the Fundsquare white labeling service and distribution of documents, Fundsquare needs to know the list of the languages ​​allowed by country. To this end Fundsquare can provide a default list, customization to suit your needs is possible. Do not hesitate to contact your CRM for any need about it.

  • Subscription matrix : who should receive wich document ? The subscription matrix allows you to group recipients per mailing list, and to associate a list of funds / sub-funds / shares. The initial load of the matrix is performed using an Excel file provided by the SDI.

Maintenance of the subscription matrix can be performed online through the web application provided by Fundsquare.

Common Problems

Version Number

The E-File Light applications are web applications. It is possible that the cache of your web browser has kept a version that is no longer up to date.

The version number stands on the bottom left corner of the connection screen :

Feel free to contact us . to know the latest version number.

In case of any problem it might be relevant to clean the cache clean the cache. of your Internet browser.

Clear the Browser cache

Clear the cache of your browser will help you in the resolution related to the problem with the refresh

Internet Explorer

IE cache.jpg

First step, open the settings dialog :

In IE > Tools > Internet Options

1. Select the tab general

2. Click on settings

3. Check the box Temporary internet file (and only this one)

4. Click on Delete to empty the cache.


FF cache.jpg

First step, open the dialog box clear history:

Firefox > Tools > Clear recent history

1. Change the value of the fiels time range to clear

2. into Everything

3. Display all the details

4. Select only cache as shown

5. Click on Delete to empty the cache.

Google Chrome

First step: Open the menu to clear the browsing data

Chrome cache option.jpg

1. In the option menu (key or 3 bars)

2. Click on Tools

3. Select Clear browsing data...

NB : one other way to access this page is using the shortcut :
"ctrl" + "shift" + "del"

Second step: empty the cache

Chrome cache clear.jpg

1. In the dropdown list Obliterate the following items from:

2. Choose the beginning of time

3. Select only Empty the cache as shown

4. Click on Clear browsing data to empty the cache