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These pages have been created to allow you to quickly and easily find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of our services and portals.

As an introduction, you can read our article describing our services and the steps needed to install the tools.

To facilitate and optimize your search, we offer different inter-related access points :

Acces by error message
Provides quick access to the appropriate resolution method
by selecting a specific error message.
Encryption Module
Describes the operating mode of the encryption module,
provides the main prerequisites as well as the most common technical problems.
Fundsquare Station
Describes the Fundsquare station main services
and the different prerequisites to its installation.
Describes the differents Prerequisites for the use of our PDFs on the websites
www.e-file.lu, www.fundsquare.net, www.bourse.lu.
Sending Service
Folder Icon.jpg
Explains the working principle of the Sending Service
and details the most frequent errors.
E-file Light
E-file Light.jpg
Introduction of the various modules offered by our project E​​-file Light.
Accès aux vidéos interactives
Visually describes the main operations to be performed by users and administrators.
Last communications
Retrieve the last communications that we have tranmised

In addition, we invite you tu consult our user manuals (technical and functionnal) directly from the homepage www.e-file.lu.

Fundsquare offers the services of a team to answer all your further inquiries.
Do not hesitate to contact us.