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(Confirm or Cancel)
(Confirmation pop-up)
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By clicking on “Transmission follow up module” the user is redirect to this module.
By clicking on “Transmission follow up module” the user is redirect to this module.
[[File: – Confirmation pop-up.jpg|800 px]]
[[File: – Confirmation pop-up.jpg|600 px]]

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Why this migration

  • Migration to a new technology
  • Improved user-friendliness and ergonomics
  • Contemporary design and user interface
  • Homogenous cross-module design

Presentation of the new interface

Main Page

Main Page My Last 50 Notification After.PNG


HomePage-Action buttons Before-After.PNG

Rejected notifications

Rejected Notification After.PNG

Main Page – Notification Search - Filters

Notification Search-Filters Before-After.PNG

Notification Process

Fund Selection

Fund Selection=After.PNG


Fund selection-Filter=After.PNG

Marketing of Shares

Marketing of share=After.PNG


Marketing of share - Filters =After.PNG

Select Cells

Marketing of share - Select Cells=After.PNG

Manage Country

Marketing of share - Manage Country = After.PNG

Document Management

Document Management = After.PNG

Manage all documents

Manage all document = Before-After.png



Set Bulk Parameters

Set Bulk Parameters.PNG

Fundsquare Library

Fundsquare Library=Before-After.png

User Library

User Library = Before-After.png

Notification Letters and transmission

Notification letters = After.PNG


Notification letters - Errors = After.PNG

View Content

Notification letters - View Content = After.PNG

Complete the Letter

Notification letters - Complete the Letter = After.PNG


The user can start a de-registration by clicking on “De-registration” button.

2.3 – De-registration.png

Fund selection

Upon click on “De-registration” the user must select one of the funds. There is an action: “Deregister”

2.3.1 – Fund selection.jpg

Documents Settings and Transmission

2.3.2 – Documents Settings and Transmission.jpg

Select a Country

The user must select the wanted country – Select a Country (1).jpg – Select a Country (2).jpg

File Selection and De-registration

The user should “Drag&Drop” or “Browse” the zip document and click on “De-Register”. – File Selection and De-registration.jpg

Confirm or Cancel

The user can confirm or cancel the de-registration – Confirm or Cancel.jpg

Confirmation pop-up

By clicking on “Transmission follow up module” the user is redirect to this module. – Confirmation pop-up.jpg