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==Acronyms and abbreviations==
==Acronyms and abbreviations==

[[File:Acronyms and abbreviations.PNG| border | (500 px]]
[[File:Acronyms and abbreviations.PNG| border | (300 px]]

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Purpose of the document

The most asked question from the users of the Fundsquare (“FSQ”) platform when contacting FSQ is “Where is my KIID?”. This note deals with the availability of a Key Investor Information Document (“KIID”) on the various services and modules on the FSQ platform. Although it focuses on the handling of the KIIDs, most section can also be applied to any other type of document, under the condition this type of document (and the various underlying workflows) have been defined within the fundsquare platform. The first chapter starts with the various step in order to setup a fund and its underlying workflows within the E-file universe. It deals as well with the transfer of documents into the e-file fund library. The second chapter starts with the sending and the upload of the KIIDs into the Document library (Chapter 2) or “How can I upload a document in the library?”. It explains the prerequisites of the Regulator filing (Chapter 3) (“Why is this KIID not included in the package we received?”), the publication on the Fundsquare webportal (Chapter 4) as well as the White Labelling (Chapter 5) (“Why is this KIID not visible?”) and finally in the documents sent with the Document Dissemination Service (Chapter 6) (“Why has this KIID not been sent?”).

Acronyms and abbreviations

(300 px

Annual KIID update preparation


We suggest that these tasks should be carried out ahead of the upload of the annually updated KIIDs are uploaded into the document library.

Check the CSSF code mapping and missing share classes

For a filing to the CSSF, each ISIN/share class in the FSQ database has to be mapped to the correct CSSF code. Dashboard 1_1 Fund comparison between Fundsquare and CSSF shows the static data information at the CSSF and at FSQ. Each active share class at the CSSF must have a matching share class at FSQ :

Please check for errors (e.g. active share classes at the CSSF without a matching share class at FSQ) or warnings (e.g. different statuses between the CSSF and FSQ). Please note that the codes have to be provided to ReferentialData@fundsquare.net by the client or his serviceprovider.