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This section of our FAQ references the main error messages that could appear while using e-file.
Once the message identified within the below list, simply click corresponding images to reach the appropriate resolution procedure.

If this does not solve the problem, you will find additional information in the general FAQ ordered by categories.

You also can contact our technical team that will be pleased to help you and answer your questions.

Problems related to the encryption module

First use warnings

left|First use warnings |link=Category access#warnSIGN right|First use warnings |link=Category access#warnSIGN

Java problem - Patch procedure

center|Apply the java patch|link=Category access#patch

Workstation security

center|Configure the workstation security|link=Category access#noKS
center|Configure the workstation security|link=Category access#noKS

IE 8 configuration

center|IE 8 - Fakepath problem|link=Category access#fakepath

Write rights

center|Write rights|link=Category access#compression
center|Write rights|link=Category access#compression

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