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What is the FundLifeCycle Monitoring all about?

Fundsquare S.A. is launching a new monitoring tool for the acquisition and management of fund raw data & reporting into meaningful and useful information for operational efficiency analysis purposes.

The tool provides KPIs on

Fund Launch & closing
  • Statistics on number of funds in each step of the launch & closing workflow
Fund Commercialization
  • Statistics on the number of reports to Home and Host authorities for a given time range

User Guide

Access to the application


  • In the launchpad, click on « FundLifeCycle - Monitoring »

Should the module FundLifeCycle - Monitoring be greyed out, please contact your local e-file Administrator to add your user to this module.

With Internet Explorer, if the FundLifeCycle opens in a new window (and not in a new tab), you will not be able to benefit from all the functionalities. In order to change your parameters to open a new page in a new tab:

  1. Click the Tools button of Internet Explorer, and then click Internet Options.
  2. In the General tab, click on the Tabs button.
  3. Under When a pop-up is encountered, choose Always open pop-ups in a new tab.

General Options

Training Sessions