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We are continuously enhancing our system and it is now time to migrate the last remaining graphical interfaces from the current e-file version 1 onto e-file Version 2. We are currently planning to proceed with the graphical migration following the planning indicated in the timeline section.

While the face changes, the service remains as expected.

While the interface will change the reporting itself will not be touched and thus if you use the sending service already to transmit your data, nothing actually changes for you. If you wish to use the sending service, we refer to the following installation document. [[1]]

Concerned Graphical Interfaces

The following modules are concerned:

  • Regulatory disclosure to investors (CSSF 08/371) (CSSF 09/423)
    • CSSF attestation, Visa stamped prospectus, Management Letter
  • SICAR reporting - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • TAF MIFID and its GUI - Transactions in Financial Instruments - will be decommissioned and replaced by MIFIR reporting
  • FINREP - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • COREP - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • BCL Statistics - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Security by Security - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Balance of payments - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • PFS (professionals of the financial sector) - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Securitisation vehicles - BCL 2014/236 - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Payment institutions (EDP) - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Electronic money institutions - CSSF 11/522 - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Issuing companies - BCL 2014/17 - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Payments Data Collection (BCL 2015/20) - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Management companies Circular 15/633 - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Circular (CSSF15/624) - Credit institution - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • Special enquiries - ESP (CSSF 15/604) - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • CSSF Other Reporting - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • BCL other correspondance - can be transmitted by sending service already
  • SPJ

Across all modules the alerting module will migrate as well.

At a later stage in Spring 2018 we will also migrate the e-file administrator screens as the last remaining module in the previous system architecture.


Date Event
05 February 2018 Migration of the remaining modules onto the new technical infrastructure. Historical transmissions for SPJ are migrating after that date and are continuously accessible via the previous interface. To ensure a smooth integration, we migrate the modules first and the link to the new interface will change on 12 February 2018 only. Nevertheless, if you wish to use the new interface already, use the link to the new interface on the previous interace.

NE LandingPage Old.PNG
15 February 2018 At 08:00 o'clock the URL www.e-file.lu now routes to the new interface, however you can access the previous version on the provided link on the new log on page in case of a need. See on the bottom part

> e-file version 1 (previous site)

Please update your bookmarks accordingly.
Spring 2018 Launch of the new e-file Administrator section on the new interface
Late Spring 2018 Decommissioning of the old e-file screens

Change for any user of the previous platform

Login Screen

As of the indicated date above the new login screen will appear for all our e-file clients and users.
NE LoginPage.PNG

Launchpad e-file

The new launch pad will welcome you on which you will find launch buttons for each application that your e-file administrator granted you access to. The below screen is a sample only and may look different for each user.

NE Launchpad.PNG

Particularity for SPJ Users

As inquiries for the SPJ business are of high importance, as a user of the SPJ module, you will have an additional button on the top of the screen.

SPJ AlertLandingPage.PNG

Step 1: If you push this button, you will immediately be guided to the transmission follow up screen, where you can filter for any received or open SPJ inquiries.

Step 2: Select the Transmission period (From...To) and click the Search button

2 From To.jpg

Result: the source file sent by SPJ (status "Initiated") is displayed


Step 3: Click the Plus icon Plus icon.png at the right end of the row

Result: a pop-up window opens displaying the Detail of sending

SPJ SendingDetails1.jpg

Step 4: Click the View button Loupe.png at the right end of the row

SPJ SendingDetails1.jpg

Result: the EfileCrypto.jnlp file is generated

IMPORTANT: This file has to be downloaded locally on your computer and must be opened to launch the Transmission module

Step 5: Click the Open button of the EfileCrypto.jnlp file


Result: a Java window opens

Step 6: Click the RunButton.png button

Result: the Transmission Module is launched

Step 7: Select the General tab of the Transmission module, enter your keystore password and click the download button


Result: the source file will be downloaded.

IMPORTANT: if the Transmission module takes too much time to be opened or if the file EfileCrpyto has not been executed, the following message will pop up and you will have to click one more time on the View button.


IMPORTANT: If it is the first time you are using the Transmission module, you may be asked for the keystore location in the Configuration tab.

The keystore file (file with the extension .ks) contains your Luxtrust certificate and is protected with a password. If you do not have the keystore or its password, please contact your e-file administrator.

Step 8: Answer to the SPJ inquiry by either click on "no" and "send" or "yes" and drag and drop your evidences as before.

SPJ TransmissionModuleAnswer.png

Transmit your Prospectus and obtain the VISA stamped version

You actually submit your prospectus as outlined in the following chapter "Transmission of Document". It is only important to announce that you recuperate the visa stamped version in the future by selecting the initial transmission and clicking on the Plus.jpg button. On the transmission you did, you will see a second line with the CSSF visa stamped prospectus that you can download from the screen.

Request a CSSF attestation

Once you launched the transmission module as outlined on this page, you can select under sending type "Request CSSF attestation" to launch this process and will obtain the attestation once delivered by the CSSF in the future by selecting the initial transmission on the transmission follow up screen and clicking on the Plus.jpg button of the transmission. On the transmission you did, you will see a second line with the CSSF attestation that you can download from the screen.

Transmission of reports/documents to authorities

Independantly of your business need, we have harmonized the way of how reports/documents can be transmitted to Luxembourg authorities. Simply launch the Transmission Module by clicking on the below icon.

NE TransmissionModule.PNG

The system will launch the transmission module. If you enter the module for the first time, you may get Java or Firewall alerts. Please coordinate those alerts with your IT security team locally as each of our clients may have a different IT securiy company policy.

When entering the module for the first time, you have to configure where the keystore for the transmission can be found for the overall encryption of your transmission.

NE KeyStoreSetup.PNG

Once this has happened, the transmission module is good to be used.

NE TransmissionModuleDragAndDrop.PNG

Submitting a file to the authorities is very easy. You simply drag and drop the file with the correct naming convention into the drag and drop area and our system will based on the naming convention propose the applicable workflow to you. You complete the missing fields as you did previously, enter your Keystore Password and push transmit for the transmission.

Administrator screen

As outlined in the timeline, the screens for the administrator of the account will come later this year. We will provide you with the link to the admin screen at this place the day we launch the facelift for the other modules.

Transmission follow up

If you would like to follow up on your transmission - either via Sending Service or Transmission Module, you can enter into the transmission follow up screen by clicking on the below module.

NE TransmissionFollowup.PNG

The below screen will appear and you can now select based on the filters on the left hand side, which documents during which period you would like to see.

NE TransmissionFollowup2.PNG

When you hit "search" all transmission of your organization, done based on the criteria you selected will be listed.

NE TransmissionFollowup3.PNG

If you wish to obtain further details, click on Plus.jpg to get further information.

Retrieve old documents/reports

We have taken over your reportings and documents for the previous environment. You can either find them in your document library or transmission follow up screen should you need to enter previous reports. Due to the high number of documents, we have taken over in a first instance the reports and documents of the last 2 years onto the new platform.

Should you require older reports you have to choices

a) you use the access to the old environment to pull your old reports b) you ask Fundsquare to migrate your reports and documents for a larger period of time onto the new platform We would like to stress out the fact that your reports are kept in our infrastructure however the way you can retrieve them changes.

Demo Sessions

Fundsquare is pleased to invite you to participate in a session where we present the new interface of our e-file solution should you not already be familiar with the screens from other modules you subscribed to.

The presentations are held

  • in english as principle language (french where deemed necessary)
  • as group demo sessions in a face to face atmosphere of 1hr
  • free of charge for our clients
  • at the premises of
    Fundsquare S.A.
    35A Boulevard Joseph II
    L-1840 Luxembourg

    Use any bus stopping at Charlys Gare or Royal in the city Center of Luxembourg.

Fundsquare reserves the right to reschedule demo sessions should the number of participants not meet the minmum number of required participants. In such a case, we would inform you well in advance and reschedule your participation to a different slot which you can either then reschedule yourself or cancel as well.

Date 08:30h 09:45h 11:00h
18 Jan 2018 General Demo CSSF 08/371 and 11/509 SPJ
22 Jan 2018 SPJ General Demo CSSF 08/371 and 11/509
25 Jan 2018 CSSF 08/371 and 11/509 SPJ General Demo
31 Jan 2018 General Demo CSSF 08/371 and 11/509 SPJ

here are the demo links for the individual topics (the Demos are built the way that you only need to participate in one demo of most interest to you, as the system behavior is similar for the other topics). Please choose your date and the time will be shown automatically after selecting the date.
General Demo
08/371 11/509 Module
SPJ Module Demo

Should your firm infrastructure not permit you to enter the page, you can either ask your IT department to open the page or send us an email, so we can book you for session. In that case, please indicate the desired date and time and type of module of the presentation and your contact details.
email: helpdesk@fundsquare.net


Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at

Tel: +352 28370 211
email: helpdesk@fundsquare.net